Haroutune K. Armenian, the New President of AUA

1997 Achievements 

  • Dr. Haroutune K. Armenian is appointed as the second President of AUA. The Department of Law is established with the goal of preparing high-caliber legal advisers and advocates for Armenia and the region.
  • The Legal Research Center is established as an integral component of the Law Department providing access to new publications and internet-mediated databases covering all areas of relevance to law-based governance.
  • The Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Program is established to complement the CTEFL Program. The degree combines theory and practical skills providing students an opportunity to conduct research in the field of applied linguistics and language teaching.


The first anti-smoking campaign in Armenia is organized by the Center for Health Services Research and Development

The University meets prospective Students for the Master of Law Degree program 


Department of English Programs faculty


The Legal Research Center


MA students in TEFL with Instructor V. Strohmeyer